Special products

  • Name: Cosmetic bag /Кошелёк/

    Code: 006

    Price: 15000 ₮

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  • Name: Өмсгөл

    Code: 008

    Price: 180000 ₮

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  • Name: Хүзүүний алчуур

    Code: 012

    Price: 30000 ₮

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  • Name: Jewellery /гоёл чимэглэл/

    Code: 017

    Price: 115000 ₮

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News letter

Let's decorate our country every day!

The feel of the value of the wear The distinguished brand of jewelry and accessories are on sale.   In the days of everyone's emot

New branch opens

Dear customers, please let us close all 19:00 hours on the 9th of March. It is scheduled to start from March 10. At Zaisan, on the opposite sid

The International Women's Day is worth the sale!

You are welcome to have a beautiful mum, a loving wife, a beautiful girl, and a lovely silk towel, a vintage ring and a pair of cosmetic pouches.